Why choose Eraclea mare for your holidays? Because Eraclea means sea, beach, sun and above all a place where to fine a vast and flourishing pine grove the “ green pearl of the Adriatic sea, but not only…

Eraclea mare offers to the tourist a human scale vacation with attractions and facilities at the same time:

Sea air, beach and sun

The Mariclea dock for boating

Sport facilities for everyone

Cultural events, concerts and shows of all kinds

• In to the nature itineraries and birdwatching in
the Mort lagoon and Piave river

Food itineraries wanting to make one get more
acquainted with the traditional dishes and local

Horseback riding


Eraclea mare: bicycle routes, excursions, scuba diving and much more

At our reception all information can be supplied in order to savour to the most all the sports and leisure time activities which can be done in Eraclea.

Here are some suggestions:

In the Eraclea mare pine grove, in the Mort lagoon and in the countryside towards the inland many cycling routes have been created giving therefore, the possibility to explore the typical habitat of that area and to be in direct contact with nature.

Horseback riding
Eraclea mare presents a manègehorseback riding school, departure point for horse riding excursions.

Acquatic sports
The choice is vast from windsurfing to swimming to scuba diving and sailing..

The dock
An Eraclea vacation is adaptable also for boat lovers. Here depositing of boats is also a service given.

From the dock various navigating routes begin bringing towards the High Adriatic, the venetian coast, the water routes parallel to the coast which connect the Po Delta to Trieste by means of various rivers and canals.

Trekking into the pine grove
In the pine grove and the Mort lagoon various routes can be taken immersed into the green. From Via Marinella – Via della Pineta – Via delle Rose an equipped route called Vita can be followed.

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